Why antipsychotics should not be prescribed for anxiety

The Oregonian published an Op-Ed piece that my colleague Christeine Terry and I wrote. The article addresses the growing practice of off-label use of antipsychotic medications to treat anxiety-related problems. Our aim was to bring public consciousness to this troubling trend.

We write:

Despite this lack of evidence, a 2007 study found nearly 1 in 4 (21 percent) of individuals who sought treatment for anxiety were prescribed an antipsychotic. Moreover, as Friedman points out, studies are finding that the newer “atypical” drugs have harmful side effects, such as increased cholesterol, movement disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s-like symptoms) and weight gain. Given the increasing numbers of people taking these medications, the risks associated with their use and the lack of research support for many common off-label uses, this is a huge concern.

You can read the brief (500 words) article on Oregon Live here.

Anxiety Treatment at Portland Psychotherapy

Author: Brian Thompson Ph.D.

Brian is a licensed psychologist and Director of the Portland Psychotherapy Anxiety Clinic. His specialties include generalized anxiety, OCD, hair pulling, and skin picking.


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