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Psychedelic Integration Support Group

Even though public attitudes about psychedelics are shifting, there still exists much stigma and judgment about non-ordinary states of consciousness.  Psychedelic experiences may seem foreign or strange to others and are not typically valued in mainstream culture.  Many people feel that they do not have a place to talk about psychedelic experiences, even though those experiences may have been profound and influential in their lives.  When this occurs, people may then dismiss or overlook these experiences, potentially losing opportunities to grow and learn from them.

What are the benefits from integration in a group format?

  • Sharing and listening to others can help normalize psychedelic experiences so that you don’t feel alone or “crazy.” This can help reduce any existing self-judgment or stigma associated with psychedelic usage.
  • Hearing about the way others have experienced psychedelics can be helpful in making sense of what is often an ineffable, or indescribable, experience. Though psychedelic experiences can vary widely, there are some common elements that can be helpful in understanding what happened during an altered state.
  • Group support can be helpful in translating insights or wisdom gained from psychedelics into meaningful life changes. Groups can provide accountability, problem-solving, and a sense of community for individuals who value personal growth.
  • Having an experienced group facilitator who is knowledgeable about psychedelics is important to create a safe, supportive environment for group members to share and learn from each other.

This group is aimed at individuals who have had prior psychedelic experiences and are interested in a therapeutic and intentional approach to integration work. The group is currently in the process of being formed and is recruiting new members.

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