LGBTQIA+ Therapy

Are you an LGBTQIA+ person who…

  • Has questions about your sexuality or gender identity and expression?
  • Needs support as you come out to family and friends or is struggling with how to navigate challenging relationships?
  • Has had to educate your providers about this part of your identity in the past?
  • Is seeking a safe space to explore and talk about your sexuality and gender identity with someone who is open, accepting, and experienced with diversity?
  • Has experienced prejudice, discrimination, homophobia, or transphobia that you would like to have support around?
  • Is looking for a provider who is supportive of kink, poly, and non-traditional relationship configurations?

Therapy is only as successful as the relationship you have with your provider; strong connections are formed on a foundation of openness and being seen for ALL of who we are. Hiding parts of your identity out of fear of judgement, needing to explain and educate, or experiencing identity-related stressors or harm may compound the suffering that you’re already experiencing. As an LGBTQ person, it can be difficult to find a provider who affirms and celebrates your sexuality and gender identity. Perhaps you’ve already experienced this and have been hesitant to initiate therapy again, or you know that finding a queer or queer affirmative provider is an important part of jour journey of healing.

What we offer:

What is Affirmative Therapy?

Affirmative therapy is not simply taking the position that there is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, transgender, gender expansive, non-binary, aromantic, intersex, or queer; it is much more than that. As clinicians who practice affirmative therapy, we celebrate and advocate for the validity of relationships and identities outside of mainstream norms. We uplift sexual and gender diversity, kink, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and other non-traditional relationship configurations. We seek to counteract the pervasive stigmatization, prejudice and discrimination that our society inflicts on those who identify as anything other than heterosexual and cisgender. In affirmative therapy, we are aware of the harm and identity-related stress that can result from living in a heteronormative and ciscentric society. We understand that oppression occurs on multiple levels, including institutionalized oppression, oppression between individuals, groups and even internalized within oneself. We strive to dismantle the interlacing systems of oppression that impact LGBTQ people, and especially LGBTQ people with other marginalized identities, for example, people of color, people living in larger bodies, or people with disabilities.

As an LGBTQ person, you may be coming to therapy for issues related to your experiences with having diverse identities, such as shame, stigma, or discrimination. Or you might be coming to therapy for reasons that are not directly related to your LGBTQIA+ identity, but want to make sure your therapist is safe, open, and knowledgeable about LGBTQIA+ people and their unique needs and experiences. At Portland Psychotherapy, your provider will work with you during your first meetings to decide on what you want to get out of therapy and what you might do to achieve those goals. If you are new to therapy, please know that we encourage you to voice your input on what you are specifically looking for in a provider as the agreement to work together is certainly a shared decision making process.

Who is on the team:

At Portland Psychotherapy, we have a team of providers who have specialized experience working with LGBTQ folks and/or who are LGBTQ-identified themselves. These providers are prepared to support you with questions or concerns related to your identity or relationships, as well as incorporate this part of you into treatment related to other concerns (anxiety, depression, trauma, etc).

Finding a therapist that you connect with is important, though it may be difficult to determine until you’ve spent some time with them. Therapists at Portland Psychotherapy offer consultation phone calls to help assess whether it’s a good fit before you actually meet with them for an initial consultation session. You can see our full list of therapists here so you can evaluate for yourself. Or just call us at 503-281-4852 or contact us below and we’ll match you with a therapist.

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What Makes Us Unique

Portland Psychotherapy is a clinic, research & training center with a unique business model that funds scientific research. This results in a team of therapists who are exceptionally well-trained and knowledgeable about their areas of specialty.