Employment at Portland Psychotherapy

Portland Psychotherapy follows an innovative model for combining research and practice in a private fee-for-service setting. All profits generated through provision of clinical services or training services is set aside to fund substantial ongoing research, Medicaid services, and scholarships for training at the center. Our organizational mission is to provide quality, evidence-based psychotherapy and to contribute to the wider community through research and training.

Portland Psychotherapy is also highly committed to inclusivity, diversity, and equity. Our center’s organizational structure also allows us to serve clients with and without insurance, as well as those in financial need through Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan) services.

Portland Psychotherapy seeks talented individuals who share these values and who enjoy learning and working in an environment of mutual respect and teamwork. We strive to make our workplace a fun, collaborative, and supportive environment. Individuals of diverse backgrounds and who promote diversity and a culture of inclusion are encouraged to apply. Portland Psychotherapy provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. If this feels like a fit for you, then please consider any job openings listed below.

Current openings at Portland Psychotherapy include:

Recurring openings (not currently open, but check back):

What Makes Us Unique

Portland Psychotherapy is a clinic, research & training center with a unique business model that funds scientific research. This results in a team of therapists who are exceptionally well-trained and knowledgeable about their areas of specialty.