Han Tran, Ph.D.

Possibilities start with kindness towards yourself.

I am providing both in-person and telehealth services.

If you tend to be self-critical, with an internal dialogue that is harsh or judgmental, then you also probably struggle with excess shame or guilt. In addition to being painful, experiences with shame, guilt, and self-critical thinking can really hold you back from living to your fullest potential. You may have had these thoughts and feelings for a long time, learned from past traumatic experiences or an unsupportive environment you grew up in. These painful thoughts and feelings contribute to depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship difficulties, and many other physical and mental health problems. And they can be really difficult to overcome. You may have even tried a lot of things to try to overcome these struggles, but they may still impact you. It’s not easy to figure out what to do and often an outside perspective can help. This is what a therapist is for.

I am passionate about helping those struggling with self-criticism, shame, and guilt to develop kindness towards themselves, build connections with others, and live their life with direction and meaning. Although it may be difficult to imagine these changes, it is very much possible.

My practice draws from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and compassion-focused approaches, which are supported by scientific research in helping with self-criticism, shame, depression, anxiety, and trauma reactions such as PTSD. In these newer cognitive-behavioral approaches, you and I will work collaboratively to help you experience these thoughts and emotions in a way that is less painful and cultivate kindness and compassion for yourself. You will also be encouraged to reflect on what is truly important to you. I find that when people are able to do the things that are meaningful to them, they become more confident in themselves and are happier. My hope in our work together is that you would be in a place where shame and self-criticism are not holding you back and you feel free to do the things you care most about.

I also treat PTSD and anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and trichotillomania). As well, I can help those who are struggling with not knowing which culture(s) to which they belong.

Treatment Approach

My orientation is grounded in cognitive-behavioral and compassion-based approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Prolonged Exposure.
Individual therapy

Client Focus

Ages: Work with adults only (ages 18+)
Special Populations: Trauma survivors, ethnically-diverse populations


Practicing since: 2014
Degree: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
License Number and State: Psychologist, OR License #3595


  • Shame and self-criticism
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety


Average Cost: $185-$210
Accepted Insurance Plans: Pacific Source and I accept most insurance as an out-of-network provider
Sliding Scale: Yes

How I Can Help:

In a collaborative and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship with you, I can help you be kinder to yourself and support you in doing what matters to you. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact me.
Email Address: htran@portlandpsychotherapy.com
Phone: 503-281-4852

To contact me, call me at 503-281-4852, or use the confidential contact form below.

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