New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Resources for the Public

At Portland Psychotherapy, for years we’ve been maintaining a list of the best ACT resources for the public that we know about. We have links to video, self help courses, meditation recordings, apps, and much more. I recently went out and searched the web for additional Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) resources to update our list. Below are the newest additions. To see the complete list of resources, go to our ACT Exercise and Audio Files page.

On Mindfulness and Acceptance:

Dr. Shapiro discusses some of the research behind the practice of mindfulness.

This video tells the story of a samurai and how acceptance through meditation helps change the way we relate to difficulties. It also demonstrates how trying to stop thoughts or push away distractions not only doesn’t work, it can actually make things worse.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are struggling with worry and anxiety. To help everyone cope, TAO made their library of mindfulness exercises freely available.

Popular mindfulness phone apps:

  • Calm app is designed for sleep, meditation, and relaxation.
  • Insight Timer is an app with over 60,000 free guided meditations designed to target sleep, anxiety, and stress.

On Defusion

This is a simple but powerful method for taking some of the power out of difficult, unhelpful thoughts.

On Self as Context and Attachment to Conceptualized Self

An observer self worksheet that may help you notice your different senses of self.

A metaphor that helps illustrate the internal struggles we have with our thoughts and feelings, and how we might begin to step out of them.

On Values and Committed Action

This resource is like other virtual card sorts. However, it is designed to help you reflect on your career values.

This metaphor offers you a different way to think about internal barriers (e.g., difficult thoughts and emotions).

Provides information on how you can set specific, measurable, and attainable goals for yourself.

On self-compassion: how to be a friend to yourself:

Sometimes we treat ourselves worse than we would ever treat a friend. The above links may help you adopt a more compassionate and friendly relationship with yourself.



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