Angela Izmirian, Ph.D.

Angela Izmirian, Ph.D.
Therapy is a process of change that can seem scary and daunting. At the same time, therapy is also an exciting opportunity to learn more about yourself and get support in living a life that aligns more closely with what’s important to you. My goal is to use evidence-based practices to walk alongside my clients in their journey of growth, helping them gain skills while also leading a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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I see therapy as a collaborative process. I try to help clients find what isn’t working in their lives and help them “try on” different ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. In a sense, therapy can at times be a “trial and error” where I provide coping skills for my clients and check in to see if what I provided is useful to them. I believe that the client is the one who can ultimately tell me what does and does not work for them. Although I make it a point to use evidence-based practices, I also take into consideration each client’s diverse life circumstances when considering how I can be helpful. As a child of immigrant parents, I learned early on that upbringing, background, language, and traditions are diverse and affect people as they live their lives. Hence, I take into consideration the context of my client’s life, as well as the current world climate, when exploring issues and what would be most effective in their path for change.

I tend to be interactive in therapy and incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I typically start by building a relationship with my clients, which can include things like learning about their background and sharing a laugh. Then, I explore the strengths and skills that my clients already have in order to put these to good use. In addition, I explore a client’s values, as well as emotions connected to those values. Although emotions can be difficult to verbalize and experience, they can help clarify what’s important to us as well as provide direction. Acceptance of difficult emotions typically leads to a life with less turmoil. Hence, I tend to help clients sit with difficult emotions and learn that sadness, grief, and anxiety are at times just as important as happiness, excitement, and joy.

Many of us have a difficult time showing our “true selves,” be it for a fear of discrimination or a fear of not being accepted. I would like my clients to leave sessions with the confidence to be genuine to themselves, the courage to try out new things (when safe to do so), and the knowledge that, no matter the outcome, there is value in what they will learn from their experiences.

Things I’ve Written

I’ve included a sample of some of my work below that I thought give a sense of my interests and who I am…

Treatment Approach

Orientation: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Modalities: Individuals, Couples, Groups

Client Focus

Ages: Adults (18+)
Special Populations: LGBTQIA+ affirmative, Couples, Immigrants, Ethnically-diverse, College student mental health, Trans*/Nonbinary/Gender diverse, Women


Practicing Since: 2011
Degree: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Year Graduated: 2016
License Number and State: Licensed Psychologist in Oregon # 2876


  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Relationships
  • Couples therapy
  • Personal growth
  • Values clarification
  • Ethnic minority issues/discrimination
  • Loss/grief
  • Depression
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Identity Issues
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity exploration
  • Self-compassion
  • Anger management


Average Cost: $140-$200
Sliding Scale: depending on availability
Accepted Insurance Plans:  First Choice Health, PacificSource and I accept most other insurance as an out-of-network provider

How I can help:

My goal is to teach you coping strategies and how you can effectively implement those skills in your life. In addition, I will encourage you to use therapy to learn more about yourself and start making meaningful changes in your life. I want you to feel comfortable with me and make therapy relevant to your unique concerns. I am a firm believer that without feeling comfortable with me, you will not be able to share the topics that may be affecting you the most. Therefore, I will do what I can to help you feel as though you can share and process with me things you haven’t been able to share with others.
Email Address:
Phone: (503) 281-4852 ext. 218

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